A space for open hearts

A joy to give! A delight to accept!

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Let's share gifts and wishes

We share what fulfills us. We accept what we ask for. Without money. Without "what's in it for me." Just like that, for the pleasure it brings. :)

Share what you have and know
Receive what you desire
Meet new friends

Countless possibilities

How to start?

Give what you have & know best
It could be just the thing to make another happy.
Making others happy brings joy to all.

Accept what you're missing
Don't be afraid to ask for what makes your day.
Someone else will get a sense of joy from offering a gift thanks to you.

Meet new friends
You're not alone in this. Lot of us believe that
sharing the joys of life is just a natural thing to do.

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Is Hearth bringing you joy? Are you meeting nice people here? We’d love for you to support and help others open their hearts. Hearth is free for everyone and without ads. It is possible thanks to the generous support of people like you.

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One time, repeatedly or regularly with an amount you choose. Generosity does not have an exchange rate but we know any gift for Hearth matters.

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Are you a computer savvy, are you interested in technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Ruby, Elastic, MongoDb, Redis, Docker, Heroku and many more, and would you like to help us develop Hearth.net? Join the Open Source Hearth.net community and join us to improve the Hearth.net website.

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If you can introduce our generous social network to people around you and invite them to Hearth.net we'll be happy to help out. We have three options for starters, pick one to begin with.

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